Sri Lanka News Review for October 2023

Discover the latest in Sri Lanka's tourism for October 2023: A soaring number of visitors, visa incentives for select countries, and international acclaim with the...


Promoting Your Event in Sri Lanka: A Guide to Effective Outreach

Promoting an event or activity can often feel as challenging as organizing it. The right promotional strategy can be the difference between an event's success...


Pilot Project Launches Visa-Free Entry for Seven Nations to Boost Tourism

In a bid to rejuvenate tourism, the Cabinet of Ministers has greenlit a pilot project offering visa-free entry to travelers from India, China, Russia, Malaysia,...


The situation in Sri Lanka for October 2023 from a tourism point of view

The tourism sector in Sri Lanka has shown signs of recovery and optimism, with a set of strategies aimed at boosting tourist arrivals, especially targeting...


Sri Lanka vs Vietnam: Where is it Better to Go?

Sri Lanka and Vietnam, each a tapestry of history, nature, and culture, offer a captivating journey to those seeking adventure or a new...


The whole truth about the season and off-season in Sri Lanka

There is a common myth among tourists, especially Russians, that you can go to Sri Lanka, or rather its southern part, only in the high...


Nuwara Eliya - tea plantations, waterfalls, architecture and spirit of England

One of the beautiful, one might even say aristocratic, places in Sri Lanka that you should definitely see is Nuwara Eliya. Why an aristocratic resort,...


Diversify Your Income: Thrive as a Tourist Services Agent

Are you on the lookout for a distinctive business idea that not only lets you make money but also allows you to indulge in the...


Pearls, apples and millionaire's salad: what else might you not know about coconuts?

Coconut palms are considered a source of life in Sri Lanka. In 2010, the government banned cutting them down without special permission, and residents were...


Sri Lankan Masks

Sri Lankans wore masks for health long before Covid! They also danced in them with drums and believed that this way a person could be...


TOP 12 most beautiful and interesting places in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the perfect place to explore picturesque beaches and beautiful tea plantations. The country is moving forward quickly as more and more people...


Sights of Sri Lanka. Where should you go?

Rich and diverse in both nature and culture, Sri Lanka is one of the pearls of South Asia. When you are planning your trip to...


To Sri Lanka with children

You have small children and want to go on holiday to Sri Lanka. But you definitely don’t know many important things. For example, what to...


Sri Lanka news overview for September 2023 for tourists and expats

For tourists, expatriates, and those planning to visit Sri Lanka in September 2023, several developments could impact their stay or decision to visit


Uncovering the Underwater Treasures: Dive into Sri Lanka's Spectacular Dive Sites

With its diverse diving locations and favorable climate, Sri Lanka promises unforgettable adventures beneath the surface for divers of all skill levels.


Comparison of Sri Lanka and Bali as tourist destinations

Get ready for a tropical adventure! In this article, we compare two popular tourist destinations, Sri Lanka and Bali. From beautiful beaches to cultural attractions,...


Sri Lanka vs Mauritius: Comparison of Two Idyllic Destinations

In this article, we will compare the two destinations based on several factors, so you can decide which is the perfect getaway for you. Sri...


Things to do in Sri Lanka

From breathtaking natural wonders to ancient historical sites and unique cultural experiences, discover the top things to do in this exotic tropical paradise.


The Top 10 Little Known But Impressive Facts About Sri Lanka

From the oldest tree in the world to the world's most scenic train ride, Sri Lanka has something unique and special to offer. These little-known...


What to bring to Sri Lanka as a gift for locals

An article for those who do not like to visit empty-handed. If you want to please the locals with gifts, but don't know what to...


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