Nuwara Eliya - tea plantations, waterfalls, architecture and spirit of England

One of beautiful, one might even say aristocratic places in Sri Lanka, which you should definitely see – This is Nuwara Eliya. Why an aristocratic resort, you ask? But because this place was created by the British. The beauty of nature is simply amazing. After all, on the square  in just 13 square meters you can see luxurious colonial villas, luxurious parks, an English church, an unusual post office, gardens with fabulous plants and plantations full of living mountain Ceylon black tea. For the bohemian tourist, this is a paradise, as here you can both play golf and visit the hippodrome, which will delight you with horse races in April. From the outside you might think that you are not in Sri Lanka, but in England. Having visited this city, you will understand that in one place there can be so many interesting, educational and useful things. If you've packed your bags, then let's do everything in order. A very impressive and interesting walk awaits you with the opportunity to visit two countries at the same time: Sri Lankan Nuwara Eliya with the soul and heart of England.

Weather in Nuwara Eliya

If this is your first visit to this beautiful city, then you should familiarize yourself with a huge number of interesting sights. If you are going in winter and spring, then take some warm clothes with you, because the air temperature here will be cool. On average +21. Don't miss your season and remember that in Nuwara Eliya the average annual temperature is +20, at night it can even be +10.  Summer will delight you with moist air and warm night breezes.

How to get to Nuwara Eliya

It all depends where you are coming from. If you are in Kandy, then feel free to take the bus, which takes about 4 hours. If your route lies through Colombo, then frequent buses will take you there in 6 hours.  If you are not satisfied with traveling by bus, then you can use train services. After all, you can get from Kandy and Colombo by train. It is worth noting that the final arrival station is located 9 km from the city. But don't worry, because there are buses at the station that will take you to Nuwara Eliya.  The closest route is from Haputale. In 2.5 hours you will be there. Of course, for those who want to get there from Mathare, you need to be vigilant, because there the bus leaves only once a day, and you will spend about 8 hours on the road.

If you have already arrived, then you should plan your vacation. After all, although the territory is not large, there is something to see. Here you will find: temples, local tea production, a huge number of waterfalls, a residence, a hippodrome, golf and the most delicious Ceylon black tea.


In brief, I want to tell you that Nuwara Eliya will surprise you with more than 100 waterfalls of incredible beauty. Seven are popular among tourists. They are located not far from each other. Therefore, their  can be seen in one day. I'll tell you about the most…

St. Clairs Falls The waterfall is famous for the fact that it has two cascades, as there is a huge stone in the middle of the river. Water washes it on both sides, so the locals call it double.

Hunas Falls. This beauty can be found in the fabulous rainforests near the plantations  and spice gardens. This is a very romantic place that will allow you to plunge into philosophy, reflection and meditation. Here you can taste real Ceylon tea during the excursion.

Kirindi Ella. This waterfall is 116 meters high. Streams of water make incredible patterns due to steep rocks.

Bo Path Ella. It can be called a female waterfall. Since the legend says that the girl who ends up near its water will be beautiful, healthy and happiness in family life will never leave her. It is worth noting that this is the deepest waterfall in the country.

Koslanda Bridal Veil. Another handsome man with an interesting story. Literally this waterfall is translated as “bridal veil”. And all the girls who wash themselves with his water before the wedding will certainly be happy in marriage. In terms of natural qualities, this is one of the highest waterfalls in the world. Height 200 m.

Laxapana Falls. It has a height of 126 meters. This is a holy place as it is said that this is where Buddha repaired his saffron blanket on his way to Mount Sri Pada.

Ravana Ella. One of the most popular and wide waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The name is named after the king of Sri Lanka. But he is famous not only for this. Near it there is also a cave where they found traces of people who lived there more than 25 thousand years ago.


Anyone who has visited Nuwara Eliya will definitely tell you about the Sita Amman Temple. This is the only temple of Goddess Sita. Legend has it that the temple stands on the very spot where Ravan held Sita captive. There is even a stone near the temple with the imprint of the elephant's foot of the king of Sri Lanka. In terms of architecture, the temple has a huge dome with colorful deities. On it you can see statues  Laxman, Sita, Vishnu, Krishna and Rama.

But architecture  in Nuwara Eliya  very diverse. Who would have thought that you could see a residence in a mountain town. You shouldn't have doubted. After all, when visiting Nuwara Eliya, you will definitely see the Queens House residence. Of course, such a monolithic structure by modern architects is an unusual advantage of the island, but it fits perfectly into the overall picture. The residence is like a memory that it was 150 years ago that the hot climate turned the city into a holiday destination for tourists from England. Everything here says about Britain. From architecture to perfect lawns and golf. Local residents carefully preserve the past.

Tea plantations

Due to the climate (cool in winter, fresh and light in summer), Nuwara Eliya is an ideal place for growing tea and spices. Therefore, it is here that many tourists can see spacious plantations with unique tea. If you want to take a walk, breathe in the unusual air, fragrant with the aromas of black tea, then you have come to the right place. You just can't get enough of it here. I just want to inhale more and more. Enjoying the taste of Ceylon.

Tea production

If you've never been to a factory, then be sure to visit Mackwoods Labookellie. This is the place where black tea is born in Sri Lanka, which ends up in our homes. The history of the factory is very old, as it was founded back in 1841. The center gives every tourist the opportunity to explore the entire territory completely free of charge. On site, everyone who wishes has the opportunity to learn how to properly grow tea, and even see how it is produced. Just an incredibly interesting and useful excursion.

Entertainment in Nuwara Eliya

If you play golf, or have always dreamed of experiencing the full taste of this game, then Nuwara Eliya will help you realize your plans. The golf club was opened by Scottish Highlanders back in 1889. They really loved to play. In your  18-hole course available. This club is the most prestigious in Sri Lanka among connoisseurs of this sport.

In the heart of Nuwara Eliya is the luxurious Victoria Park. As you might guess, the name was named after the Queen of England. From the very beginning, the park was intended to acclimatize plants brought from England. It was like a branch of the Hakgala Botanical Garden (I’ll tell you about it later), but over time, the park was planted and it became an independent asset of the city. It is worth noting that 90% of the vegetation is imported from different countries of the world. The park has three entrances, which will ultimately lead to the center of the park, where the round pool is located. The Nanu Oya River flows easily along the perimeter. A huge number of incredibly beautiful flowers, trees, bushes and various plants will amaze you. What can I say? This is a must see.

If vegetation is not enough for you, then be sure to go  to the Hakgala Botanical Garden. It is located at the foot  Hakgala Peak. It is 10 km from the center of Nuwara Eliya. To say that the garden is beautiful is simply to remain silent. Here you can find camphor trees, cypresses, oaks, cedars, azaleas and camellias. At the top of the garden there are medicinal plants, and nearby you can see a stone garden with huge boulders with moss. The mountain stream flowing along the garden only enhances the grandeur and beauty of this miracle. Pride of Hakgal – This is a huge collection of orchids and ferns. The garden also boasts a large rose garden. On the territory of the garden there is a nature reserve with a large number of birds, monkeys and roe deer. It's chilly there in the morning, so take warm clothes.

Do you like fish? If there is, then it will wait, but if you are surprised first and then eat, then this is very important information for you. After all, one amazing place awaits you in Nuwara Eliya. This – Lake Gregory. What makes it unusual is that it is home to brown and rainbow trout. The fish was brought from the same England in 1822, the move was difficult, and only 20 individuals survived. But this did not stop the population, and the lake became popular throughout Sri Lanka. You can see it in the very center of the city, south of the hippodrome.

The season for tourists starts in Nuwara Eliya in April. When it is very hot in Sri Lanka, you can hide from the heat here  and have a great time having a picnic in the park. And at the same time you can get to the famous hippodrome and look at  Horse Racing. This fascinating spectacle has always attracted many tourists. It is worth noting that in addition to horse racing, there is also a cycling season, carnivals, rides on mountain rivers and numerous entertainments for those who love active recreation. It's like you're getting  to ancient England with its pretentious English manners.

Of course, each of you, having visited this city, will find something special and memorable for yourself. After all, it’s hard to get bored in a place like this. Have a nice holiday!

Author: Ceylon Top

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