To Sri Lanka with children

You have small children and you want to go on vacation to Sri Lanka. But you definitely don’t know many important things. For example, what to feed the child, whether vaccinations are needed, whether there are dangerous animals there, whether it is possible to get poisoned, how to move around the island, what things to take with you. what is the situation with medicine and so on.

So I want to help you figure it out a little. So:

  • Vaccinations. Additional vaccinations are not required if you are going to Sri Lanka
  • Dangerous living creatures. If you are vacationing in a resort area, then it is absolutely safe here. No snakes, crocodiles and the like
  • Baby food. In pharmacies and large supermarkets you can buy milk formulas from famous brands Nan, Nutrilon, etc., as well as locally produced formulas
  • Food. It is better to book accommodation with a kitchen so you can cook for your child. Products can be bought in supermarkets, markets and shops. I cannot say that it is 100% safe to eat in cafes and restaurants. As at any resort, there is a chance of poisoning.
  • Water. We drink filtered water. We use the same filter for our guests that we use for ourselves. Many locals drink straight from the tap. Everyone is alive and well. That is, the water here itself is not bad. But if you are in doubt, you can buy bottled water for your child
  • Medicine. There are public hospitals in every town. We still recommend going to private clinics. There are good doctors there, it’s clean and there are no crowds of people.
  • How to navigate. You can rent a tuk-tuk or a car with a driver. Possible by public transport. But with small children and strollers this is problematic
  • Things. You don't have to take a lot of clothes. Beautiful and relatively inexpensive children's clothes and shoes are sold here. Supermarkets sell different brands of diapers and other products for children
  • First aid kit. Take what you see fit. There are many analogues here, but you need to know their names. Otherwise, it’s difficult to explain what you need.


Author: Ceylon Top

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