Sri Lanka news overview for September 2023 for tourists and expats

Legislative Developments
The proposed Anti-Terrorism and Online Safety Bills could potentially affect the democratic environment in the country. The Bar Association of Sri Lanka has expressed concerns that these bills might impede the liberty and freedom of the citizens, which could also extend to foreigners residing or visiting the country​​.

Economic Conditions
The decrease in inflation to 1.3% and the appreciation of the currency could lead to a more favorable economic climate for visitors. Additionally, the World Bank's upward revision of economic growth projections may indicate a stabilizing economy which could be reassuring for tourists and expatriates​​.

Healthcare Access
The healthcare crisis in Badulla Hospital, marked by a significant number of deaths due to heart failures and lack of essential medical equipment like angiogram machines, highlights potential healthcare access issues. Tourists and expatriates with health concerns may need to consider the healthcare infrastructure in the regions they plan to visit or reside in​​.

Human Rights Concerns
The international pressure on Sri Lanka regarding human rights abuses, particularly from the US Congress, could also be a concern. The ongoing discourse on human rights issues might impact the country's international image, possibly affecting the decision of potential visitors and the experiences of those already in Sri Lanka​.

Accountability and Governance
The UN's highlighting of Sri Lanka's accountability deficit concerning human rights violations and corruption may be a factor to consider for those valuing governance and rule of law in their travel or living decisions​​.

Debt Restructuring
The aim to complete debt restructuring by September could also hint at efforts towards economic stabilization, which might be a positive sign for visitors regarding the country's economic outlook​​.

Author: Ceylon Top

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