Rent a car with a driver.

Experienced and careful drivers on a comfortable passenger car.

80.00 per day


Car or minivan with driver for rent

A car with a driver is an ideal option for a comfortable trip around the is...

55.00 per day


Transfer from Colombo airport

When you visit Sri Lanka for the first time, we recommend that you use the...

25.00 once


To fully experience all that the Sri Lanka has to offer, having a reliable mode of transportation is essential. One option for travelers and locals in Sri Lanka is to rent a vehicle through private ads.
Private ads are classified ads placed by individuals who are looking to rent out their own personal vehicles. These ads can be found in various forms such as online platforms, newspapers, or even on bulletin boards in local businesses. This way of renting vehicles is becoming more popular in Sri Lanka as it offers many benefits to both the renters and the owners.
For renters, bulleting board with private ads offer a wider range of options at more competitive prices. Many of the vehicles listed are owned by individuals rather than rental companies, which means that the prices are often more flexible. Additionally, renters can often negotiate directly with the vehicle owners to get a better deal. This can be especially beneficial for those traveling on a budget.
Another advantage of using private ads in Sri Lanka is the convenience it offers. Renters can easily browse through a wide range of options and compare prices and features. They can also read reviews and ratings from previous renters to get a sense of the quality of the vehicles and the service provided by the owners. This can save renters a lot of time and hassle as they don’t have to go from one rental shop to another, asking for availability, prices and conditions.
For vehicle owners, renting out their vehicles through private ads can be a great way to earn extra income. It can be a way to offset the cost of owning a vehicle that is not being used regularly. Additionally, it can be an easy way for an individual to make money while they are away on vacation or out of town.
In Sri Lanka, vehicles for rent through private ads are not limited to just cars and motorcycles but also include vans, buses, and even boats. This variety of options can be beneficial for those looking to rent a vehicle for a special occasion such as a wedding or a family outing.
In conclusion, renting a vehicle through private ads in Sri Lanka is a convenient, cost-effective and flexible option for both renters and owners. It offers a wide range of options, the ability to negotiate prices, and the potential for earning extra income. Whether you're looking for a mode of transportation for a day trip or a longer vacation, private ads can help you find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs.