Luxury House with 84p Land for Sale Nawala.


1503703.00 once


Beach front Hotel - Unawatuna


850000.00 once


Beach Front Hotel -- Hikkaduwa

Beach Front Hotel -- Hilkaduwa

37000000.00 once


Habaraduwa whole villa for rent

There’s a huge villa for rent in a habaraduwa area.habaraduwa is located be...

1300.00 per month


beach front rooms available for rent

We have great rooms with shared kitchen for rent and very close to surf bea...

275.00 per month


Guest House for rent in Weligama

Guest house for rent in Weligama, Sri Lanka. Perfect place to relax, wor...

700.00 per month


House for rent in unawatuna area

Hello everyone we have better private places rent for long time.if you wann...

400.00 once


Modern hotel in Tangalle by the ocean

Chalets and rooms with air conditioning, hot water and all amenities 100 m...

26.00 per day



1 reviews

Villa Sisira - colonial house with 5 rooms and huge gar..

A cottage in the jungle is what you need for a cold winter vacation. ocean...


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