What stuff to pack for trip to Sri Lanka

Tickets purchased, the departure date is known. It's time to pack your bags!

I want to tell you from personal experience and the experience of the guests of ourvilla, which things need to take with you if you are going to Sri Lanka, and what is better to leave the house, to not carry them in vain.

Keep in mind that when you will return home, in your suitcase should be plenty of space. Because you probably will want to treat your friends and relatives with tropical fruit, to bring souvenirs, tea, butter, spices, and other exotic things.

What you should take with you to Sri Lanka


  • swimwear (available in Hikkaduwa and in other cities are not met. The locals are not wearing, swimming dressed)
  • 2-3 favorite light dresses / sundress, t-shirt, a pair of shorts (in Lanka clothing made from natural fabrics are cheaper than in Russia and Europe. You can buy everything here, so do not need to take a bunch of clothes. If you tend to be burnt, then be sure to take a closed clothes)
  • underwear
  • a couple of handkerchiefs

Not necessary:

  • thongs (flip-flops can be bought here at every step, but they are disposable) This is the basic form of the local shoe
  • pareo (here a very large selection of beautiful pareos from natural fabrics)
  • headdress (available here)

Cosmetics and hygiene:

  • cosmetics in the minimum required amount (lipstick / gloss, mascara, pencil, blush, concealer, powder). Here is hot and humid climate - heavy makeup flow.
  • protective sun cream and cure burns (local people does not need it. So the choice of sunscreen is very small and maximum protection 20. From burns better to take a panthenol)
  • pumice (if you are traveling for a long time, it will come in handy. Here in the sale are not met)
  • sponge (there are no good sponges)
  • towel (can be useful 50/50)
  • mosquito repellent (you need to take a must! - local repellent not help)
  • comb

Not necessary:

  • toothpaste, toothbrush (everything is cheap in supermarkets)
  • hygiene products (shampoos, shower gels and soaps - all is available)
  • cream (can take only probes and mini versions. There's a cream, natural)

First-aid kit:

The local pharmacy is theoretically possible to buy something over the counter, but it's hard to explain what you need. Therefore it is better to bring along the essentials tools.

  • The adsorbent (enterosgel, coal, etc.)
  • Funds from diarrhea (ftalazol, nifuroxazide, etc. Sometimes the body can not immediately adapt to the new food and water, so you need to take)
  • Nurofen / ibuprofen
  • Special preparations (if there is your chronic problems. From allergies, heart funds, etc.)
  • For wounds (a great tool - a medical adhesive)
  • Plaster, Bandage
  • Iodine
  • Ear / Eye Drops

Useful things for travelers and those who travel for a long time:

  • lighter
  • boiler
  • Silica gel (things that absorb moisture. At Lanka humid climate and metal rusts very quickly, and the skin and other clothing moldy)
  • razor
  • sewing kit
  • manicure tool, tweezers for eyebrows
  • nail polish (the choice is very meager, it is better to take with you. The beauty  salons do not know how to do manicure)
  • utility knife, multitool
  • flashlight
  • pen, notebook
  • tee or extender
  • cups, bowls with a lid, spork
  • proven mosquito repellent
  • adhesive tapes
  • a small padlock

The most important things!

  • Passports and other documents
  • Small photo (if you want to extend the visa)
  • Money - cash and cards. Optimally take dollars and change some of them on the rupee at the airport. The euro changed at disadvantageous exchange rate until the completion of the visa control and pay for a visa only accept dollars.
  • Camera
  • Phone / Tablet / Notebook
  • Chargers / Batteries