What do you know about cinnamon?) And if you love her, read it!

Did you know that you most likely never ate cinnamon? For example, I always creepyly hated cinnamon, until I tried the real one. These are completely different things! This is a bomb!
I loved it! Such a thin and incredibly pleasant, slightly bitter warm fragrance and taste.

What we call cinnamon, and what is beautifully photographed with Christmas desserts - is a Chinese fake cinnamon - cassia. It smells similar, but it has absolutely different properties. In the world it is more common, because it is cheap. In large quantities, it is harmful to health, because contains coumarin (causes liver disease).
A real cinnamon is quite an expensive product. In the Middle Ages, it was valued at 5 times more expensive than silver. Cinnamon was presented as a gift to the monarchs. Now in elite restaurants use only the real cinnamon, which is supplied from Sri Lanka. Because Ceylon cinnamon is considered the highest quality.

Cinnamon is a low tree. It is grown for two years, then cut at the root. After that, next year the tree gives about a dozen new shoots. From the trunk cut off the bark, the inner layer of which is dried. Spice is a 6-10 layer of the thinnest inner crust, folded together into a stick immediately after separation from the tree. The thinner the bark, the finer the flavor of cinnamon. Cinnamon sticks are stored for a long time, as they very slowly lose their flavor.

In the photo, I signed a fake and real cinnamon, so you understand the difference. Ground cinnamon is better not to buy, there is likely cassia or cinnamon of poor quality, ground residues and trim. A real one to try is highly recommended!

True cinnamon - very cool antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, improves mood and yet it is effective in the treatment of diabetes! With regular use - reduces the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. And many other useful properties.

Who in Sri Lanka - you can buy cinnamon in any supermarket. And who is not in Sri Lanka, we can send cinnamon by mail. Minimum 3 packs of 100 gr - $ 20 including shipping.