Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa - city, stretching along the coast of the Indian Ocean. Interestingly, the coast is not the same type, so conditionally Hikkaduwa beach is divided into several different beaches.

Narigama beach

The most famous and popular beach of Hikkaduwa - Narigama Beach. Its length is 4 km. From April to October, this place is ideal for surfing. In the winter, - the water is calmer. The descent to the ocean flat, sandy strip up to 100 m wide. Local people and tourists like to visit the beach during sunset, because it is very scenic views can be observed.

Coral reefs and the beach with turtles

Behind the beach Narigama, towards the center of Hikkaduwa coral reefs begin. There shoal, swim uncomfortable because of the reefs, but you can watch a variety of beautiful fish.

Immediately after the end reefs - you get to a small turtle beach - large stall turtles swim here. Therefore, in the morning and in the evening people gather here to feed from the hands of one of them. There are people who take care of turtles and their offspring. Right on this beach, in the sand turtles bury their eggs. And if you're lucky, you can see how the turtles hatch and even let the baby into the ocean.

Beach without waves, for children

After the turtle beach there are a wonderful place - Laguna, with shallow water. There are practically no waves, because the two sides it is surrounded by coral reefs. It is an ideal beach for families with children. But there is usually more than just having a rest.

After Lagoon reefs begin again. And a variety of exotic fish is much larger than in the previous coral reef. Therefore, from this point offer boat trips with glass bottom. But if you come to the reef early in the morning, you can see a lot of interesting things close to the shore.

Next local fishermen staged a pier. Location is not very suitable for walking and swimming. But then, a little farther of center Hikkaduwa - a very beautiful place. Here, deep, so swimming is dangerous. But very scenic views from here opens. You can make great shots.

Пляж Наригама

Пляж Наригама

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