Everything you wanted to know about dengue

Recently, another outbreak of dengue has been announced in Sri Lanka. Should I be afraid?

Dengue is a tropical fever carried by female mosquitoes. Outwardly, they are black with white spots on the legs and back.

Infection: A person, monkey or bat is bitten by an infected mosquito, they become carriers and infect other mosquitoes that bite them. Airborne dengue is not transmitted.

Symptoms: a sharp rise in temperature to 39–40, pain in the muscles, back, eyes, loss of appetite, weakness. When I was sick, it felt like it was twisting you. All the time I wanted to stretch and stretch my legs, everything hurt, as after a hard workout. There was a disgusting taste in the mouth, which made all the food absolutely inedible. Even cucumbers and pineapples tasted spicy and salty.

The course of the disease: from 3 to 10 days is very, very shitty. Level of suffering: 17 days of covid seemed like flowers to me) But while I was studying the topic in detail, I realized that I had that rare case of a severe course, with destruction of the liver and a drop in platelets. But, as you can see, she is alive, healthy and did not even fly to Moscow. Although, I confess, I was torn after the hospital. They say that this is one of the side effects: a severe sticky depression, when you don’t want anything at all and everything is bad. Thanks to Edik and friends who persuaded me that everything is not so bad)

Treatment: There is no specific treatment, but it is important to drink a lot of water and juices, eat fruits, take paracetamol. Ibuprofen, aspirin, and others from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are STRICTLY prohibited. The fact is that with a bad course of the disease, platelets in the blood fall to a critical level, and these drugs thin the blood, which can lead to severe bleeding and, in the absence of medical assistance, to death. What is the chance of getting sick? Look, some math. In 2021, 19087 cases were registered (purely me and a couple of other people). The population of Sri Lanka is 22 million. That is, the incidence is 0.08%. Zero deaths. To summarize: 99.92% that you will not get sick. And 100% will survive by the end of last year. So don't be afraid, come on! But still smear repellents after 15


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