Dishes you must try in Sri Lanka

With a variety of local fruits, especially coconut and jackfruit, seafood and a whole arsenal of spices, Sri Lankan cuisine is replete with incredible dishes! In this article, we will list some of them that you should definitely try while relaxing here. And which you are likely to meet anywhere on the island.

Fish in Sour Curry Fish Ambul Thiyal

As you would expect from an island in the Indian Ocean, seafood plays an important role in Sri Lankan cuisine. Fish Ambul thial (sour fish curry) is one of the most popular types of curry, which the Sri Lankans themselves often cook at home, as it does not spoil for a long time and is stored at room temperature for more than a day.

The fish is cut into cubes and mixed with spices (black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, pandan leaves and curry leaves). The most important ingredient is the dried slide – a plant widely used in cooking in Southeast Asia. It is she who gives the dish an original sour taste. Ambul thiyal is a dry curry and is cooked over low heat with a little water until all the liquid has evaporated. This allows the spice mixture to coat each piece of fish. Usually served with rice.

Chicken Curry - Kukul Curry Moose

An easy-to-make and common dish in Sri Lanka. If you are not yet ready for the spicy Ambul thial fish curry, feel free to start your acquaintance with Sri Lankan cuisine with this gentle and more familiar taste – chicken curry!

There are many variations depending on the region and taste preferences. Seasonings (dill seeds, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon) are first fried in hot oil, then mixed with chicken and spices (chili, curry, turmeric, pandan leaves, lemongrass and curry leaves) and simmer until tender in coconut milk.

Kottu and roti

Beyond the hustle and bustle of the Sri Lankan market, you are likely to hear the clang of metal on metal – Be aware that the main local fast food - kottu is being cooked near you. Kottu – This is a dish made from finely chopped unleavened paratha with meat, chicken or vegetables.  Kottu is well fried on all sides with spices, it tastes and looks like fried rice, the portions are huge - feel free to take one for two, there will be more.

Roti – fried pancake, usually made in street cafes at the beginning of the day and folded into triangles. The variety of toppings is great – and salty, and meat, and with vegetables, and with fruits, and even with chocolate. Very tasty and nutritious, inexpensive and found in every point of the island. The perfect Sri Lankan breakfast – you can taste it both in a cafe and buy it in a take-away street tent.

Hoppers (Hoppers)

Hoppers are Sri Lanka's answer to classic Russian pancakes. The dough is made from rice flour and coconut milk, topped with palm punch, which gives the dish a light flavor of liquor. They are fried in a small wok, they look like a bowl with raised edges. Served traditionally for breakfast or dinner; come with an egg and sweet. You need to look for them in street cafes where locals eat. They were not seen in tourist restaurants.

String Hoppers are also popular – thin rice vermicelli, steamed. Vermicelli is laid out in openwork cakes and served with a variety of fillings – fish, lentils, vegetables or sweet fillers.  

Sri Lankan sweets

This country – Every sweet tooth's dream! All dessert options – from fluffy muffins and biscuits to extremely healthy natural sweets, consisting of ground sesame and coconut, seasoned with honey. Most common:

  • Kiri Toffee or Milk Toffee – tastes like "fondant", made from condensed milk with butter, vanilla and sometimes crushed cashews;
  • Kokis – cookies made from rice flour and coconut milk. A special metal form is dipped into the dough, after which it is lowered into boiling oil – somewhat reminiscent of "brushwood". To taste – an immensely sweet thing oozing syrup. Taste in small bites to avoid sudden spikes in blood sugar!
  • Kiribat – diamond-shaped milk rice dessert. It is prepared from rice and coconut milk, sometimes nuts and sesame seeds are added. Very nutritious, good for breakfast. Tastes like rice pudding with coconut flavor.
  • a local analogue of yogurt – Kurd. A fermented milk product that you will find everywhere in Sri Lanka and you will recognize it by a clay pot with a white lid. Also can be found in supermarkets. Made from buffalo milk. Locals consume it for breakfast, often with palm honey. Very tasty (and healthy!) in combination with fruits.

In addition to the listed dishes, everywhere in Sri Lanka you will find local fruits (bananas, pineapples, mangoes, etc.), sweet tea with milk and samosas – one of the options for street fast food, pies with a variety of fillings, most often spicy. Try everything without fear - after all, it is through the national cuisine that you can best get to know the country and its traditions. And in order not to "burn" on the spiciness of traditional Sri Lankan dishes, check in advance "spicy?" or immediately ask to cook you «spicy». The Sri Lankans understand and pity the "white-faced" unprepared tourists and will definitely meet you and your stomachs.

Author: Ceylon Top

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