The Ceylon.Top project needs a copywriter.

Participate in the creation of the most popular website in Sri Lanka!

We are looking for a person who, for the sake of a portfolio (and possibly links from our site), will write articles about Sri Lanka and edit/update existing articles. The project is not commercial and we cannot pay for your work with money, but we will try to be as useful to you as you are to us. At a minimum, you will be involved in the creation of the most popular site in Sri Lanka, and your articles will be read by millions of people.

The main requirement is that you must live long enough in Sri Lanka to provide reliable material.

Priority topics:
- TOP _what_ in _where_ (district, city, whole island)
- description of the different areas (cities, villages) of the island
- descriptions for ad sections
- reviews of sights and other significant places
- useful tips and life hacks
- ecology and nature

If you use photos in your articles, you must have full rights to them. By submitting material to us, you agree to its free and unlimited use by us on the website.
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